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Building websites that you’ll love.

Creating awesome websites using mindful design, HTML, and CSS practices.

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  • Having a design background allows me to build captivating layouts from scratch or convert your design files into working webpages.

  • Adhering to semantic HTML5 practices, I prioritize writing clean and easy-to-read code so that your content will be readily accessible.

  • I follow mindful practices by creating organized and responsive CSS. My code are optimized for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

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Who is Bit Sparrow?

I'm Andy Lin, a freelance web developer currently based in central Florida. I am a designer and illustrator who loves the internet! It's no surprise that the idea for Bit Sparrow hatched from combining all the things I enjoy doing with writing code.

I'm super excited to hear your stories. And, much like our feathered fellow. I will use my skills and resourcefulness to provide cozy homes for your products, businesses, and ideas!